An Illuminated World Order

The Illuminati masters and servants

wish they could make a hypnotic world,

a Global World order

with one Government and

one Illuminated leader.

They want to indoctrinate us – of humankinds,

and to make us think differently,

that the Globe we live on is round,

but no, it isn’t – it’s flat,

that we have one sun

and a lifeless moon.

But, on the contrary,

there are two life-giving suns –

a black one and a white one.

In Chinese it would be:

Yin and Yang.

We surely don’t origin from the apes,

as we are doctrined to believe,

but we are a noble race

from the dragon-like planet X,

whose ancestors and forefathers

came down to Earth

as Falling Angels.

Our World is our mother,

another home we don’t have.

Our Master will soon appear

from the Dead

and bring love and peace

to our homes.

Our life-long enemies

will be brought beyond the firmament

and to eternal dark Hell,

since they haven’t deserved

any better choice or option in life.

Heil Earth!

drac Ljubomir T. Dević Kosarić-Lijović Vajmeš-Kastriota

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